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Several functions, that can be used by an AutoCAD® users in their everyday work, now available at Autodesk App Store


YouTube channel, that demonstrates a basic SAMARA features was created
YouTube channel

AutoCAD 2018 compatible


SAMARA – is more than hundred program modules and the functions, which supplement the means of platform with the set of instruments for the tasks of geological - mine-surveyor service. This system covers the substantial part of the most typical tasks: processing data of surveying with the graphic mapping and the documentation of results, simulation and the analysis of the geometry of mine workings, the creation of the information retrieval database of the model objects, geological information processing, simulation and analysis ...
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SAMARA-Т - is created for simplification of routine work for the technologic department of mine enterprise.
There is a great quantity of equipment's blocks (that can be replenished at the customer's request) for adding them to the graphical reports. There are commands for easy creating such objects as chain, rope, railway, breakline, schedules, and a lot of others. Also system includes functions for haulage calculation, mine working support distance calculation, wiring creation and calculation...
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Drilling and blasting operations plugin.
The main purpose - automation of a set of calculations and graphics operations during the drilling and blasting operations projects execution. The main performed operations are automatic placement of the boreholes in a given circuit on a given pattern, calculation of three-dimensional boreholes geometry based on a template and a set of spatial surfaces (surface and drilling), adjustment of the boreholes array ...
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Block-modeling plugin.
If the assay data are available, such as iron ore deposits, and we want to determine the geometry of the ore body on the basis of these data, calculate the quantity and quality of ore, etc., the block modeling is one of the methods for solving these problems. The essence of the method is simple: target space is divided into rectangular certain size prisms (blocks) and in the middle of each block the value of the parameter ...
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Planning plugin (open-cast).
Plugin was created for operational open-cast output planning. It has simple integration into the SAMARA system, and if it's necessary, we can use FataMorgana module's data (surface and horizon field models) and/or block modeling plugin data (block models). But, in the absence of these data module performance and its functionality will not change. If we have surface model (AutoCAD compatible, FataMorgana horizon fields, or on paper – for example, sections), mineral resources data ...
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